Tuesday, June 23, 2009


You are to the point of predictable. I see your true intentions in all the selfishness.

You manipulate with a chuckling smile, but never letting any too close.

They might find out that you only care about satisfying the need, feeding the hunger.

I often wonder if you even think about you.

You thought I was like you in passing, and maybe I am. I see invisible hands stretching out with my third eye. This lady said I was born with it open and that does explain a lot.

Misery is head over heels for company so you make rounds picking a new on each chance you get. Thinking, hoping, and praying that they are like you; thinking, hoping, and praying that another of similar like can justify and excuse you.

In the end you are your own shadow. You think you are less than a full and whole person so you attach and fit yourself onto and with others. You rid yourself of them as they turn the mirror on you.

You figure because you can function with a smile that there is no problem. What will happen when it cracks and someone, anyone, sees past you.

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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