Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creation of the black man


The Great Spirit called out


“We shall make man. Take the wool of the lamb and make his hair. Let it grow like the roots of the trees.


Take the edges of the swords that he shall make, mingle it with fire and lighting and create his eyes.


Carve from the rock of the earth his flesh; his skin shall be draped in the night sky. Virgin mink shall be the touch of one hand and diamond shall be the strength of the other.


His heart’s passion shall burn like the mighty sun. The scope of his intellect shall marvel his generations. The vastness of all the heavens and all the seas shall be the depth of his soul and every cell of it shall be etched with perseverance, faith, determination, and achievement.


Make his feet swift and his tongue swifter.


His loins shall be of ledged.


His dreams shall rise to my feet and they shall be as vivid as the Aura Borealis and his soul will naturally be tuned with the universe’s rhythm.


Make this man the father of many men yet to come.


His spirit shall be indomitable, unbreakable, and enduring. Whatever trial or tribulation that comes his way he shall be able to conquer.”


The Great Spirit called out


“We shall make a man.


We shall make a Black Man.”


©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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