Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank you lord

Thank you.


Thank you Lord for breathing life into me for another day. Thank you lord for letting my eyes and letting them see all of the wondrous creations that you have made. Thank you lord for giving me a sound mind that is able to chose the right path and learn from the mistakes along the way.


Thank you Lord for giving me ears that hear laughter and ears that hear cries. Thank you Lord for my mouth that lets me praise your name, speak my mind, make a joyful noise (and some would call it that) speak out against wrong and voice how wrong I maybe.


Lord thank you for giving me a heart that pumps the blood through my veins and the emotions through my soul.


Thank you Lord for my legs that move me from here to there with the ability to walk or run and the feet they balance on even when they are sore and ache. Thank you so much lord for my hand and fingers that you have blessed with ability and with some call talent (others call novelty)Thank you Lord for my home that is mine and keeps me safe from the cold winter rain and shaded from the hot summer sun.


Thank you Lord for my life and not making me anyone else but me. Thank you for not giving me anyone else’s experiences but mine, not letting any others pain or pleasure or pain over my doorstep. Thank you for no one else’s riches, no one else’s misery.


Thank you Lord for you. I believe in you and I do not pressure other to because that is not what you asked me to do. I thank you Lord for you because for without you there would be nothing, I would be nothing. Without you lord there would be no sun, no moon, no pleasure, and no man that bring pain.


If I forget to say this on a daily basis then know that it is carved in stone signed and sealed with blood and implanted in my heart.


Thank you Lord.


©Christopher F. Brown2009


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