Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What do you know

What do you know about love?

What do you think you have come to comprehend?

Do you know that it is more? More than a word, more than a feeling, more than what they sing songs about, more than what they write plays and film movies about.

You think you know, now that you have found someone and have spent a while with them that you can define every letter. You think because you have watched the sun kiss their brow and gently greet them to the new day that the two of you together are the full embodiment of the emotion?

Back rubs with hot oils, bubble baths and chocolate (or strawberry) syrup. Them just showing up on a random day at work in the middle of the day with roses; just for no reason at all.

Let me ask you.

How does it feel when you have come home to see that all their cloths are gone? What letter of the word expresses the look on your face at the very moment your heart processes that your suitcase is full?

What does it mean when you open your mouth to try and explain to your friends why you haven’t called in so long and your voice flees you; tears well up in your eyes and you hang up the phone. You tell yourself you will call them back but you don’t. You tell yourself you will go by but you never do.

What do you know about love?

What do you think you have come to comprehend about that word?

Let me ask you.

When your special day has become routine, the favorite dinner is now always left cold and untouched what is your plan?

What part of love explains why they all look like them when you look out the corner of your eye?

Have you comprehend why you still remember which side of the pillow their drool pools? Why you haven’t thrown away their favorite shirt and pants even though you have bleached, cut, and shredded them?

You and they sit on cloud nine not soiling thine feet with the filth of the earth. Love has lifted the two of you to peaks of mental and physical ecstasy that you think no other has known; no two other could grasp.

What do you know about love?

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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