Saturday, June 27, 2009

i don’t know you anymore

I don’t know you anymore.


What demon posses your heart? What has made one that was once trusted into someone whose eyes I can’t even gaze upon?


I don’t know you anymore.


“All things change including people.”


This I know, change is what makes us who we are. Change of the mind, and of the body is inevitable. Change is what has made us too successful masters of this earth it is who we are but the spirit stays the same.


Your spirit has been under attack for too long. We try to help but you turn us away.


The “You” that burned with the fury of the sun has been reduced to the flickering flame that stands before me. This person you are now is alien to me. You say things that you would never say, you do things you would never do, yet I take time and wonder what has made you this way. What has created this person whom I do not know, whom wears you as a shell?


I don’t know you anymore.


You say it is me that has changed and I agree. I have changed to grow; the mind must grow to hold more knowledge. The body must change to go with the change of the earth. You have become stagnate. You ferment, never expanding, if you do it is only because you absolutely must, or worse to stay the same.


I don’t even recognize your face. I don’t even recognize your voice. I only recognize your name. Your body posses the same features and your address is the same but


I don’t know you anymore.


©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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