Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revolutionary warning or the day before

Down with the corporate pirates whom steal the common man’s hard earned pay. (And the pay from each other)


Down with the governments that support them. They that line their pockets with kickbacks while increasing the tax on the people that can barely pay what is.


Down with the people that support them and whom are blinded by their own ignorance. (Or maybe their intelligence) that they can not (or will not) see that what we speak is right and true.


We the people (really I and some others that represent the people) have spoken. With us is the only one right way of thinking; the one and only right way of being.


Down with those that stand in the way of the truth. (as we see and say it to be)


Down with those that stand in the way of freedom. (As we have defined)


It is time to lift up all things right. (As we have determined)


Down with evil, down with corruption, down with the old. (And maybe down with you.)


©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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