Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have you met me

You and I know
They are not your friends.
They are your competition
as is the rest of the world

It’s almost not your fault.

Like the man in black said,
You were taught to shoot or be shot
all before you could shave

The ones closest to you
They are only there because they amuse you.
At the very least
they pose not threat

I know you.

I use to see you in the mirror everyday
When I thought
and believed
life was a battle

One day
I was shown that it was truly
A gift

The only true competition I ever had
won long ago’
Only because I did not know
I was in a battle with them.

One day
I looked in the mirror and saw
the one I was
Was not who I am.

One day
I saw me.

©Christopher F. Brown 2010


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