Thursday, March 25, 2010

For A Reason

You ask me

Why did I love them?

Defensively I turn
and ask
and how
do you define love?

The entire Webster’s dictionary could be its thesaurus.
With the exception of hate.

I’ve come to a point in my life where
is debatable.

There is no one
particular example
At the same time
there is an abundance of small
little things.

In comparison
They would amount to a falling cherry blossom pedal.
they turn the ground pink
Unable to see what it was before

I guess that makes my previous statement a lie
at most
An oxymoron
at least

Even in that
is the true nature of love.
At least how I’ve come to know it

Trust me

I really am trying to answer the question.
I can’t explain why I loved them.
Even with all the words I know
love runs too deeply
Just as π continues endlessly.

I would need a life time just to began
You could say that is why I don’t love them anymore.

and time
are too precious to me to waste.

Especially to waste on someone
Who won’t take the time to open the door.

© Christopher F. Brown 2010


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