Thursday, November 13, 2014

Too many reasons for things not real

underneath the streetlight as day fades,
supported by the concrete walls.
time and space slow around you.

I remind myself;

“This isn’t really happening,
its just me,
its just part of the crush that has crept upon me.”

I speak
to hear the sound of your voice
to see you redirect your hair
to watch your lips move
to delight in your every intellectual postulation

I remind myself;

“Dial it back
keep it in check
don’t make it weird”

I sprint through all the reasons why it would.

This is a one sided crush:
of the party of the first party
which would be me

“I'm going to get coffee before this thing starts. I’ll talk to you latter.”

underneath the streetlight as night has come
I stand alone on my feet
time and space resume

I remind myself;

“This is just me
this never really happened
if he was interested at all
he would have said,”

“You wanna come too?”
© Christopher F. Brown 2014


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