Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blind Mans Vision

You’d be surprised at the things you see when you really start to look at them; the magic of water falling from the sky, even though you get wet and maybe catch a cold.

How lovers (or lusters) stare into each others eyes just before their lips take control.

The way an unadulterated, pure and sweet laugh seems to clear the air; and the sound, the sound enters the ear like an infection spreading through out the body. Instead of bringing hurt and harm it brings healing and joy.

What you would see if only you looked at the child taking their first stride; a pup’s first bark; a bird taking its first flight.

A generation come into it’s own only to scoff at the next.

If only people looked for the reality of miracles they could see.

If they truly looked for it they could see the magic in every breath, the wonder held in every journeys first step. The beauty I see in the corner of your smile, the blessing of your touch.

You’d be surprised at the thing you see when you really start to look at them.

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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