Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Addicted

I wanna say




Is my addiction


Reaching for my pen


Gong for a pipe


Putting paint on a brush


Putting dope in a needle


I get so high

Only other addicts understand




The act of

Creating or recreating something beautiful

Inspired by inspiration and continuing the continuity of



Man I’m hooked.


Like any good addict

I don’t wanna come down.


I feel it in my soul

It’s in my veins

Trying to break free

Trying to match that genetic lock

With some form of expression

being the key


Receptors open


For divine epiphany


Inaudible voices speak words in my ears

Intangible forces control my hands


I’m trippin



The rush of endorphins I get when the muse gives me a hit

The euphoric trance I get while in the middle of writing chapter one

The ecstatic state when I finally mix the perfect shade and tone


 it’s Art and I know


I’m Addicted  


©Christopher F. Brown 2011


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