Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For those whose names history never knew

For those whose names history never knew


Scream loud


Yours is

The voice that needs to be heard

Yours is

The shout that breaks down walls


The ache in your belly is

The one that shatters the locks on great storehouses

Feeding the many


The blood dripping from your back and brow is

The fuel that feed the conflagration that consumes

Oppression and oppressor


Scream loud


Yours is

The wail of grief bawled over the bodies of dead sons and daughters

Yours is

The call to arms that awakes righteousness

Sending injustice cowering


The tears shed from your eyes

are prayers sent up from your soul

To profound  

To heartfelt

To full of a hurt and aching

To ever be expressed by any human tongue


Scream loud


Your names

May never be known

Your lives

Your loves


My be forgotten


But your story

Your unwanted cause

Will forever be told


©Christopher F. Brown 2012





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