Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Look in the mirror

Would GOD

Create something for his eyes to delight in

Craft something for his heart to take pleasure in

Something more than the insult of an adolescent plaything

Something more precious than a first born


Would GOD

Make a thing so beautiful

The angels came to know envy


Would GOD

Create a beast

Whose intelligence lifted generation after generation

To higher peaks

Unfathomable depths

Cleverness mixing with craft

To such extents they scream




Would GOD

Fashion a being

Whose heart was able to carry compassion

Shoulders strong enough to bear forgiveness

Senses able to decipher:

A natural right

A natural wrong


Would GOD

Make something with his own hand

Something he was so pleased and took pleasure in

Something so unique in the universe

its mere and encompassing existence

Crudely mirrored his own.


Would GOD

Create such form that in its ignorance

Thought it was a or the


Given nothing surrounding it could comprehend its breath

Could comprehend its comprehensions

A life form so magnanimous amongst other life forms

he could hold some on the tip of his finger

Others hundreds of times him in size bowed down

Called him master


Would GOD

Create such a light

It could identify with the solitude it is to be




©Christopher F. Brown  2012


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