Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sing Me A Song

Sing me a song

Make it sad and slow


Tell me about heartache and pain

The loves you have lost

The loves you have gained


Sing me a song

Make it up beat and fast


Tell me about being in the back of the club

Things you don’t tell you mother


Things you’ll warn your children



Sing me a song

Make it an acapella version


Tell me about the lord

Hitting high notes that take my soul with them

Rumbling low notes that jerk at my tears on their trip


Sing me a song

Play a guitar with it


Tell me how the government is no longer representing the people

Tell me how if it was not for bad luck you would have none


Sing me this song

This one right here


The one I wrote

To and for



©Christopher F. Brown 2012


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