Saturday, April 12, 2014




that’s why we like him


he wasn’t sitting around wishing he could fly

nor did he have the means of a secret billionaire


he was smart

very smart

some called him a smart ass

but he knew more whom were smarter

most of all

he was clever


he had doubts and insecurities

was self-conscious a time or two


If he was real

he’d laugh because it would make sense

he would be the one whose movies all sucked (except for James Franco)


Haters to the right of him

Haters to the left of him



vastly more intelligent

leaders of the criminal world

the police

the media

I did mention that he was clever


We like him because he is like us

he may not have been extravagantly or exceptionally


but he was enough

more than enough


He was himself

fully and completely

flawed capabilities

functional disabilities


he made it work


©Christopher F. Brown 2014



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