Monday, April 7, 2014

You are your own creation




We think we understand because it’s the most physical

before anything

you look down and you see

they have told you


is manhood


if you get stuck in that thinking

your male member defining the state of being a man

you stay in ignorance

A boy




We think we understand because it is more physical

we are taught that it is a color

we are told that it is a race

we learn the subjugation and oppression

we learn the glory of past and present

some understand the duty to the future

preserving and teaching the knowledge learned since the foundation of all mankind


some try to define what it is through someone else’s definition

Some say anything less than African is incorrect

how could a foreign captive held in bondage ever be a citizen of the land that bound them

a bird in a rabbits nest is still a bird

which may be true


some say how can one call oneself African if one

speaks no African language

has no direct African relatives

has never seen the sun rise and set upon

nor ever smelled

African soil

the cultural difference between an American and a European is the same as

the difference between an African and an European

which may be true




We think we understand because it is popular to define it as something physical

We are told and taught to hide

We are told and taught that it is ok

that is really the only choice one ever has

assuming an identity based on sexuality is reductive thinking


more than sex

more that sexual partners

more than parties

more than stereotypes


this is a trap that some fall into

a lifestyle that is attributed to the word but is not exclusive to it




the ability to love freely based on self

the ability to define self for self and by self

the ability to relate and express self to self and the world


©Christopher F. Brown 2014




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