Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who Invited Them

I don’t get why they even come

they know:

No one likes them

No one wants to be around them


If it wasn’t for them speaking first

no one would even speak to them.


They drink up all the good wine

Eat up all the special food

All they do is take.


I'm going to go say something




Well you go do that.

People say they hate them but they really don’t


They are always invited to every party

They have, you know,

“Been with”

everyone at one point or another

if they are not your ex

they will be at one point

If you don’t think they are hot then


one day you will


No one likes them but at some point

we need them


in that really messed up psychological way

make us better




shhh here they come


Hey Fear, hey Depression. I did not think you guys would come


©Christopher F. Brown 2014


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