Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bloody alley

The little boy follows the other little boy with the red shirt untilall of his friends leave. The little boy knows that he walks past thatalley on the way home; he can get him there so he sits and waits. When he starts to pass the alley he throws a big rock at him hitting the little boy with the red shirt in the head. The boy falls down right infront of the alley way just like he planned. He runs across the street and drags him into the alley and starts beating on him.

“Don’t ever talk about me again”

He says while he wails on the boy in the red shirt. The boy in the red shirt finally comes to his senses and throws him off of him. The boy in the red shirt stumbles around and tries to swing but he trips and falls face down. The other little boy starts jumping on his back until there was crack that some what echoed in the alley. The little boy continued to beat the boy in the red shirt till he could not raise his fists anymore. His shirt was covered in blood and it was now as red as the other boy’s

“Why did you do that?” A voice said.

He did not try to run because he was too tired and he had nowhere to run to.

“Because he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him. Then he told everyone that I tied to kiss him but he did not tell that he kissed me back. Everybody makes fun of me now and I cant even go there now because the teachers they wanna talk to my momma and daddy If they find out that I aint got none then they gone try to put me in one of those houses with all of those people again and I’ll have to run away again. ”

“Why dint you tell his momma or daddy?”

“His momma and daddy don’t let me come over anymore they say I get the furniture dirty and I smell and I eat too much.”

“Well you got a daddy now come with me.”

The man in the fancy cloths wraps a towel around the boy covered in the blood of the boy in the red shirt.

“Ty take care of that” The man in the fancy cloths says to the other man in the fancy car.

The “Ty” man pours gas over everything in the alley and sets it on fire. The little boy watched the fire as they drove away, he had neverseen one that big before.

Over the next twenty years the boy slowly turns into the man in the fancy cloths and every so often he drives by the alley were it started. He has lots of money now and people respect him out of fear but he still whishes that he could kiss the boy in the red shirt one last time.

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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