Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Insecurities of Man or Piety for an Asshole

What make you the way you are? From the assholes to the doormats your insecurities shine like silver on a summer day. You defile and disgust all to remain the center of attention. If you cannot claim the idea or topic as your own then you reticule it to death, for the simple fact that it was not yours. Your “friends” really piety you, and your so called other is most ashamed of you, but you can not see that.

What makes an asshole an asshole?

Is if the fact that their mountains are really molehills? Is it that what they claim to be 10,000 is only 1? When it comes down to it the only person that matters to them is them. In the end when they have pushed everyone away; when there is no one that is willing to play their little childish games and when there is no one better or worse they have to deal with. They have to deal with themselves. This is what really makes an asshole and I for one piety you.

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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