Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Voice

While dreaming a dream that I can hardly remember, a voice that I could only slightly make out; told me everything that I claim to know or knew; my entire universe and everything in it was as small as a nucleotide. The voice said that it also had somewhat the same function and was one of many the same and not.

Dust and pollen filled the air surrounding me; fish jumped out of the ocean; higher and higher. When they could go no further their fins turned to wings as they began to fly.

The voice said that everything that could ever happen already did and at the very same time never has. The voice said I messed up when I created time because it only serves to separate me, but I have to live with it now.

The voice said that everything that I could think of is already there because i had thought it long ago. The Voice said at the very same time nothing exists because I have not been born yet and maybe never will. All my thoughts are correct and in at the same. Just like I can not see a single element of the molecule that makes up water with my own eye yet claim to understand the ocean, so too can I not see with my own eye my own universe and yet claim to understand the...

The voice went silent and everything faded away. I was in the dark alone with my questions and then questioning my answers.

Before I woke up I did hear it again. It said to me

"In your current state of existence you can not comprehend. Simply mentioning it to you destroys all that you know to be and then I have to start again."

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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