Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Lonely at my door

Get away from me!
I won’t invite you in! As if you were a guest. You sicken and disgust me!
Through the door that I press my body against to keep it shut I hear you say

"You made me. With every action that you took you built me, and then built this home not for you but for me. Stand back and let me in."

I refuse you. You're nothing but lies. I admit some I spoke and some I held in my heart but there is only me and he, you can not have. He you will not have

"See you've already claimed me." You said. "You've birth me and named me so house me in your home. It's already mine anyway so just step back I don’t want to push my way in."

I know if you could have done that you would have already done so. It made me think and I stopped pressing against the door. I don’t need to fight you.

"Go away, you have no home here. Long as I have me there can be no you. I love me and all those around me so this is the last time I tell you. I have no use for Lonely; I have no use for you."

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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