Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The New's

So did you want me to be angry or would you rather I slit my wrists? Would you like it if I ran out into traffic and prayed that the biggest big rig did not miss?

Should I be stereotypical and find a bridge or be extremely dramatic and find a cliff. Actually I know just the perfect one.

I know you would not like if I used a gun because that's way too tacky and messy and, well, I might use it on you.

I hate to disappoint, I truly do, but I think it best to go on. What you thought would be a bomb to me is more like a change in the wind.

I know it's a hard thing to hear that the news that would have totally crushed and devastated you (the news that you took ever so much joy and pleasure in delivering to me) is to me the same as the weather outside.

See I think that is the thing. Where you stress out, lose sleep, gain/lose weight, turn to drugs, cry, or whatever else reaction fear brings to you. Me, I do not fear the unknown and have faith that whatever the situation is it will workout for the better.

I know, being my age and living where I do you've always questioned my optimism.

So I am terribly sorry to disappoint and I hate to steal your thunder, but your "N.E.W.S." isn't really "New's" to me. In fact it's really old, tired and very used. I've been through this before, it's not my first time, and it very well may happen again. It's that cliché about "It" being "A part of life" and all that.

Well anyway what's the New's with you?

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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