Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Your words lie and your heart deceives. When I looked into your eyes I saw nothing because they are empty, they are caves because you have no soul. I do not fear you because I am protected by my god from you so I wonder; what destruction did you come to cause? What pain do you bring? Does the world need such and evil; to see the evil with-in maybe?

You can not harm me but I wonder what torture you will bring to those you can? Insanity, incurable disease, or is your plot simple? Open the doors to temptation by simply exciting curiosity in those whom should be the wiser.

They said your best trick was convincing the world that you did not exist. I say that in this age we call modern your best one yet has been bewitching them into believing your creator did not.

Just as you lay in the hearts of those who serve you so does your creator in the hearts of those who serve him.

Again I say I do not fear you, so why are you here?

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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