Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jessie or Okan Buru part 2

Jessie ran down the back alley way huffing and puffing. It reminded him of his track days in highschool. When he put his mind to it no one could beat him but the coach did not like him. Also what kind of money could a person make running track unless you won the Olympics? He was 20 years old the next Olympics would not be for another 4 years and by then he would be too old and too slow.He turned and hid behind one of the dumpsters. It would not be long before the police made it to the bank but he needed to rest. He took off his ski mask to wipe the sweat that had built up under it. He had forgotten that he had on the black face paint underneath and got it all over his hands. No matter though, he had the money in his bag and the back up car was down the street just like he planned.The damn guard got fucking brave and shot Manny so Jessie felt it only right that he shoot him first as an example to the rest of the people in the bank to not be a damn hero.

“We not fuckin playin! Just put the money in the damn bag and maybe you will live” It sounded good when he said it, he liked the way it sound it gave him a rush.

There was no time to wait. He could hear the sirens coming down the street. He took out the small plastic bag from the larger duffel bag that had a towel and a change of clothes. He took out his wrinkle free suit and began to undress in the alley.

“You are a fucking genius Jessie.” He said to himself. “Nobody would think a man in a suit would have robbed the bank. They will fuckin think im on my way to the fucking gym or something. You are a mutha fuckin genius.”

Jessie took his pants and shirt off and put them in a near by garbage can and set it on fire when he heard rustling behind another dumpster in the alley. He stopped for a moment and reached for the gun. He pointed it at the dumpster and kicked it. An alley cat ran from underneath and out the alley.

“Fuckin cat”

Jessie said smiling. He turned and a hand with long claws grabbed his neck. Jessie could not breathe and looking down he saw the body of a man. He tried to do some of his old kempo moves to get out but this guy was too strong. He looked in the face of his assailant and saw long sharp teeth like a tiger or something. The eyes were solid black and the thing had bat or dog ears that pointed straight up. The thing that terrified Jessie the most was the thing this man or beast, this monster did not have hair but fire and it did not burn him.

A flash of light hit the beast and it dropped Jessie. Jessie took off in a sprint. Before Jessie could even get two steps away the thing stuck its clawed hand threw Jessie’s back. Everything went into tunnel vision and Jessie knew that it was over. He saw the same cat that he had chased away across the street licking his paw and the rubbing it over his head. The monster then pulled out Jessie’s heart. Jessie was still alive but he knew not for long. He fell face first to the ground with his head turned to the side. As everything grew dark he saw the man monster thing change shape into a raven and fly away.

©Christopher. F Brown 2009


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