Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fear of Love

Why should I fear you?

You said you would always love me and would never forsake me. You killed yourself for me so that I would not die eternally.

I think maybe they are wrong.

I think somehow they messed up the words. What should have been revere was written as fear. This way the one’s that claimed your name but not your way could control me and the rest.

“Its not I but he who is above me that commands it.”

I know enough to recognize the lies they claim to be your truth. The truth is beyond my feeble grasp and I know that I lack understanding. Someone told that is the first sign of wisdom but I would never say that myself. It is against the humility that you command me to have.

You have given all of us two eyes to see and a mind to think, a mind to comprehend. When we can not it’s mostly because it is beyond what we can and should not try. We want to understand, we want to know, we try to see in vain what is so obviously in front of us yet we just can not.

We want to know because we already do but do not believe. We look far and see wide because we are blind to what is near.

We accept fearing you because how can you love someone when you do not know how to love yourself.

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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